Lets Translate!

First off, we want to say thank you for taking the time to translate the Shoko Website! Our goal is to reach as many users as possible and by translating the website, you’re helping us make that happen.

We’ve made this quick guide to hopefully make the process easier, please let us know if there are any issues or if you have any ideas on improving it.

Getting Started

We suggest forking the Shoko Website repo ( Fork a Repo) as this will make it much easier to submit your changes and even make updates when needed. After doing that you’ll need to modify the config.toml file and add your language, below is an example of adding German as a selectable language.

	contentDir = "content/de"
	title = "Shoko"
	languageName = "Deutsch"
	weight = 2
languages.xxReplace xx with your language's language code.
contentDirThe physical location of the files.
titleThe website titles, leave as Shoko.
languageNameThe name of the language shown in the.
weightDetermines the languages place in the language drop-down.

Once done there are three areas where the translatable files are kept.

Content Folder

Create a new folder in the content folder and name it the same as the language code you used in the config.toml file. Copy the files you want to translate from the en folder into your newly created folder. Make sure to preserve spelling and directory structure. You do not have to copy every single file, we’ve set Hugo up so if a translated version of the file is not available, it will default to the English version.

You do however need to make sure all sub-folders exists as well as all _index.md files regardless of your intentions to translate those pages. Otherwise, those sections will not render and appear blank when viewing the site in that language.

Data Folder

Create a new folder in the data folder and name it the same as the language code you used in the config.toml file. When working with .JSON files, be aware spacing is critical and improper spacing can break the file. Like the content section, you do not have to translate each .JSON file as it will default to the English version if there isn’t a translated file.

i18n Folder

Create a new file in the i18n folder and name it the same as the language code you used in the config.toml file then copy the contents of en.toml into it.

other = "Support"

In the above example, [support] is the key and should be left as-is. The only part you will translate is the part in quotation marks which, using the example above would be “Support”. If you make any changes to the key, anywhere that key is used will be blank.

Working With Content Blocks

You’ll notice certain files have their contents broken into what we call Content Blocks which are used to separate out the content on the page. These Content Blocks provide the capability to translate a pages content while still keeping its style and positioning.


Shoko is an anime cataloging program designed to automate the entire process of cataloging your anime collection regardless of the size and number of files in your collection. With Shoko, you'll spend more time watching and building your collection instead of organizing it.

It’s important to note that these sections cannot be moved or rearranged without breaking the page’s layout as these locations are hardcoded.

Language Specific CSS

To workaround unforeseen CSS changes that come with translating websites, we’ve made it so language specific CSS files can be added to correct any CSS issues that might arise. Create a new file in the static/css/lang folder and name it the same as the language code you used in the config.toml file.

An example of adding a CSS file for the German language.


You’ll also need to add the following conditional statement to the head.html file located in layouts/partials/ in order for the language speciifc CSS file to load. Using the example below, replace the German language code with your language code and add it below the last language specific file and above the closing conditional tag, {{end}}.

  {{ else if eq .Site.Language.Lang "de"  }}
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ "assets/css/lang/de.min.css" | absURL }}">

Any rules you add in the file will take priority over the ones found in the main.css file. We’re more than willing to help if you’re unfamiliar with CSS or have questions. Simply join our Discord server and let us know what we can do to help.