Automate Your Entire Collection

Shoko is an anime cataloging program designed to automate the entire process of cataloging your anime collection regardless of the size and number of files in your collection. With Shoko, you’ll spend more time watching and building your collection instead of organizing it.

Jam-Packed With Features

Hash Matching

Shoko doesn't rely on the your files having a specific filename structure. Instead, files are hashed and sent to AniDB for comparison and matching.

Info Downloading

Manually inputting series information is a pain, Shoko automatically downloads and updates all series information in your collection.

Centralized DB

Shoko uses a single SQLite database to manage your collection regardless of where the actual physical files are located.

Media Player Support

Shoko integrates seamlessly with some of the most popular media player programs such as Kodi, Plex & MediaPortal.

Community Sites

Shoko supports multiple community sites popular within the anime community to download metadata, sync your user collection and series watch data.

File Management

Shoko provides multiple utilities to handle all file related issues you might encounter. Let Shoko take care of duplicates and multiple files in your collection.

Streaming Support

With Shoko Desktop, stream your collection to any PC in the world. Media Players that also support streaming can take advantage of this as well.

Watch States

Local watch states, as well as watch states from supported community sites are synced and updated all from within Shoko.

Shoko Website Updated

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While in the works for a few months now, we’re happy to launch the latest version of the Shoko Website bringing a refreshed look and a few new additions. As usual, our Discord users have gotten glimpses into …

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Shoko Version 3.9.7 Released

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Shoko Version 3.9.7 is now available for download! We’ve been hard at on some of the items we previously mentioned in What’s Next For Shoko and wanted to release this feature packed release as it might …

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Shoko Version 3.9.6 Released

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Shoko Version 3.9.6 is now available for download! This release addresses various startup and crashing bugs reported after the initial release of version 3.9.5. If any user continues to experience any startup or …

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Incredibly Easy To Use

We’re not kidding when we say we designed Shoko to be as easy to use as possible. What’s the point of removing the tedious processes other cataloging programs make you do if we just add our own? Of course, we also provide a ton of options for advanced users allowing each user to have their desired setup.

How Does Shoko Really Work?

Shoko hashes each file in your collection and sends the hash to AniDB for comparison. When a match is found, the series is created in your database and metadata from supported data gathering sites is downloaded and compiled for use within Shoko providing detailed information about each file and its associated series. In the rare chance there ever is a problem with the automated process, Shoko includes a wide array of advanced tools to identify and properly catalog any file that was unable to be automatically processed.

Shoko Desktop - Viewing Series
Shoko Desktop - Viewing Series

Media Player Support Built-In

We want to make your current setup better and more efficient, not change or complicate it which is why Shoko has built-in support for some of the most popular media player programs on the market. All you need to do is download the Shoko plugin for your media player program of choice and you’re good to go!

Shoko Currently supports the following media player programs. Don’t see your preferred media player program listed below? We provide access to Shoko’s comprehensive API allowing anyone to build their own plugin. Join us on Discord for more information.

Click on one of the icons below to learn more about how to integrate it with Shoko.

Plex Kodi MediaPortal