Automate Your Collection

Key Features

Centralized Database
Files are hashed and compared against AniDB's database to find the correct episode and series.
File Management
Easily handle multiple, duplicate and missing files within your collection using our built-in utilities.
Media Player Support
Integration with multiple media player programs allows you to watch your collection wherever you'd like.
Extensive API
Expand the capabilities of Shoko to suite your needs or to bring Shoko to an entirely new platform.

Incredibly Easy To Use

File management is a tedious process, so why not let Shoko handle that?

Within FIVE minutes, you’ll have Shoko up and running and populating your collection database with information about the various series and episodes in your collection. For those looking for more advanced options, we offer a wide range of utilities in Shoko Desktop to configure your collection workflow to your liking.

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 Shoko 2021 Project Update

Shoko 2021 Project Update

February 28, 2021

It’s no secret our team is working on multiple projects under the Shoko umbrella. Some of them we’ve talked about publicly, either on this website, on Discord, and on other platforms, and some we’ve only discussed internall …

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 Shoko Version 4.1.0 Released

Shoko Version 4.1.0 Released

February 1, 2021

Kicking off 2021 with the next release of Shoko, Shoko Version 4.1.0 is available for download! This release focused primarily on a lot of much needed refactoring and backend changes and while not as jam packed as our normal releases tend to be. …

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 Shoko Docs Refresh

Shoko Docs Refresh

January 24, 2021

After nearly five months, multiple designs and iterations, our new design for Shoko Docs is up! The main goal of this update was to make the design similar to the updated homepage as well as reevaluate the existing content as a lot of the …

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Built-In Media Player Support

Shoko Currently supports the following media player programs. Don’t see your preferred media player program listed below? We provide access to Shoko’s comprehensive API allowing anyone to build their own plugin. Join us on Discord for more information.

Plex Kodi MediaPortal Jellyfin