Available Downloads

Below you’ll find the latest versions of the various programs and plugins in the Shoko suite available for download. You can also try out the latest beta version (if available) or try the latest changes with the daily builds.

Stable Releases

The following are the current builds that have been tested and deemed stable and optimized for widespread use.

NameVersionRelease DateSizeDownload LinkSource
Shoko Server3.9.32018-08-2012.40 MBDownloadSource
Shoko Desktop3.9.3 2018-08-20 30.06 MBDownloadSource
My Anime 33.7.22018-08-1721.7 MBDownloadSource
Shoko On Plex3.7.22018-02-04 0.8 MBDownloadSource
Nakamori2.1.212018-04-01110 KBDownloadSource
ShokoMetadata1.3.02017-12-26109 KBDownloadSource
Anime Buddy1.0.0.32014-08-192.5 MBDownloadN/A

Beta Release

On occasion, we’ll provide a beta version for download when additional feedback is needed. Usually this will happen when big changes are introduced so don’t expect a beta version often. Beta releases will be removed once the version has been deemed stable.

Beta Instructions & Download

Daily Builds

For those wanting to try the latest changes, we provide daily builds that are updated every day.

Shoko Daily Builds