Shoko Server

Your Anime In One Place, Accessible Anywhere

Shoko server is the core component of the Shoko suite and with it’s client-server architecture which allows any program or plugin to access Shoko. You’ll have access to your entire collection locally and over the internet with no additional work outside the initial configuration required.

Why A Client-Server Architecture Design?

The idea behind Shoko Server is to automate the entire process from start to finish, all you need to do is specify the location of your files and Shoko Server does the rest. However, instead of having to duplicate this process, Shoko Server was designed to allow other programs and plugins to connect directly to it, retrieve the information it needs and display it as requested. Anyone with programming knowledge can take advantage of this and create their own program and plugin without having to worry about all the tedious things Shoko Server takes care of.

Key Features

  • Client-server based architecture allowing for multiple clients to access your collection
  • Ability to store your collection on both internal and external media, Shoko complies it into it’s database and keeps track of it all
  • Ability to have multiple user profiles with their own collection, statistics and permissions
  • Information repositories such as AniDB, The TV Database and The Movie Database are supported for gathering and updating data.
  • Support for MyAnimeList (MAL) and Trakt.TV for importing and exporting your collection statistics.
  • Supports three different database types, SQLite, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Support for advanced file management such as file renaming, missing episodes check, duplicate files check, AVDump2 and more!


While the majority of the work Shoko does is behind the scenes, here’s what the user interface looks like.