Shoko Metadata

The Power Of Shoko With Plex Libraries

Using Shoko Metadata, you can combine the power of Shoko with Plex’s robust library functionality providing a seamless experience for Plex users.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features Shoko Metadata provides.

  • All the benefits of Shoko inside Plex.
  • Native “On Deck” feature.
  • Live subtitle switching.
  • Native Plex searching.
  • Easy to navigate and minimal design.
  • Built in Scanner for finding files you’ve previously named.

A Community Plugin!

Shoko Metadata is actively maintained and developed by Cazzar, check Cazzar’s GitHub Repo if you’d like to request a feature or report a bug.

Shoko On Plex VS Shoko Metadata

While both plugins are for Plex, they serve different functionality.  To make it as clear as possible we’ve broken down the main differences between the two plugins.

Shoko Metadata

  • Is a Plex Library.
  • Able to switch audio and subtitles.
  • Only supports local and network playback.
  • Able to utilize Plex’s native Sync feature.
  • Does not use Shoko Group Filters.
  • Scans, detects and build file and image info for your files for use in Plex.

Shoko On Plex

  • Is a Plex Channel.
  • Unable to switch audio and subtitles.
  • Supports local, network and cloud playback.
  • Able to stream to devices.
  • Does use Shoko Group Filters.
  • Only able to use file and image info provided by Shoko.

Which plugin to use depends on your needs, you are not locked into one or the other so try both if you’re unsure.