Shoko Desktop

Manage Your Collection Your Way

With Shoko Desktop, you have complete control over every aspect of your anime collection. Using the built-in collection viewer, you can arrange and organization how the series in your collection are named and displayed. Group related series and even create custom filters based on a number of different criteria. Shoko Desktop also provides over a variety of tools to further modify your collection to your own unique style, without having to learn to code or manually make changes.

Access Your Collection Remotely

Like our plugins, Shoko Desktop has the ability to remotely access your collection allowing you to perform any needed tasks. Additionally, using Shoko Desktop you can stream your collection straight to the client with playback using the built-in MPV video player or a number of different supported video players.

Key Features

  • Ability to have multiple user profiles with their own collection, statistics and permissions.
  • Ability to generate anime recommendations based off your ratings
  • Advanced filtering and sorting options allows you to display and update your collection data however you want.
  • Information repositories such as AniDB, The TV Database and The Movie Database are supported for gathering and updating data.
  • Support for MyAnimeList (MAL) and Trakt.TV for importing and exporting your collection statistics.
  • Support for every single desktop based torrent program for keeping your collection up-to-date.
  • Support for multiple torrent trackers (AnimeBytes, BakaBT, Nyaa and Tokyo Toshokan) for downloading anime.
  • Support for advanced file management such as file renaming, missing episodes check, duplicate files check, AVDump and more!


These screenshots only represent a fraction of what Shoko Desktop can do.