Your Plex Alternative

Plex is great, but sometimes you want something different and that’s where Jellyfin comes in.

Taking the versatility of Jellyfin and combing it with the automation of Shoko gives you the ability to watch your anime collection from any Jellyfin supported device.

Why Use Shokofin?

Shokofin sends your watched state data back to Shoko allowing Shoko to update your linked community sites automatically so you don’t have to. You can also have Shokofin group your series using Shoko’s Groups giving you more control over how media is displayed in your library.

For those who like having a single library, you can also set Shokofin up to have both series and movies displayed in the same library. Of course the opposite is also possible for those wanting a separate library for series and movies.

For installation help please use the links listed on the left under resources.


Shokofin-Episode-Listing.jpg Shokofin-Series-Listing-01.jpg Shokofin-Series-Listing-02.jpg Shokofin-Series-Listing-03.jpg Shokofin-Series-Page-01.jpg Shokofin-Series-Page-02.jpg