Collection Management However You Want

Users have complete control over every aspect of their collection with Shoko Desktop. Arrange and organize your collection in what ever manner suits you best so if you prefer Japanese names or want to group series by studio, go for it. This is your collection so why should anyone else decide how you view and manage it.

Educate Me Sensei

We designed Shoko Desktop to be easy to use while still providing advanced features for our more tech savy users because more options are never a negative thing. You want a nice way to view and manage your collection? We got you. You want a powerful and robust naming utility, or a utility to handle multiple files for the same episode? Look no further. Shoko Desktop is a powerful file management program on top of an elegant and classy looking collection viewer.

But Wait, There’s More

What kind of collection management program would this be if it didn’t help you improve your collection? As your collection grows, Shoko Desktop can help keep track of missing files, provide recommendations for series based on shows you’ve voted for and even provide you with a complete listing of all related anime without ever leaving the program.

For installation help please use the links listed on the right under resources.


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