Hello Kodi, Meet Nakamori

Nakamori takes the versatility of Kodi and combines it with the power of Shoko to bring your anime collection to life. With complete integration you don’t have to worry about how your folders or files are named as Nakamori pulls all required information straight from Shoko. All you need to do is sit back, relax and knock some of that backlog out.

Device Agnostic

Nakamori works on any device capable of running Kodi which means that $20 Raspberry Pi you bought last year now has a purpose besides collecting dust in your desk drawer. Please note, while in theory it should work there are real world technical limits that can cause issues. Just don’t be surprised when that $20 Raspberry Pi playback is more slideshow than video.

What About My Skins

Nakamori is designed to work with any supported Kodi skin however if the skin you use is highly customized or offers uncommon display options, you might run into issues. We recommend reaching out to the skin developer for asstiance and it’s its plugin related please create an issue on the Nakamori Github repo.

For installation help please use the links listed on the right under resources.


Nakamori-Big-List-Episode-Listing.jpg Nakamori-Coverflow.jpg Nakamori-Fanart-Display.jpg Nakamori-Kover-Series-List.jpg Nakamori-Low-List-Episode-Listing.jpg Nakamori-Panel-Display.jpg