Bringing Your Anime To The Bigger Screen

My Anime 3 is our oldest media streaming plugin and was the first anime plugin for media streaming programs to provide rich and detailed information. Before the times of Shoko and even JMM itself, My Anime 3 allowed users to get comfy on their couch, load up Media Portal and watch the most popular shows of 2008. Nowadays My Anime 3 offers the same TV watching experience while relying on Shoko to provide your collection and its detailed information.

Skins, Everyone Loves Them

While Media Portal provides changeable skins like Kodi, each skin requires proper plugin support in order to work correctly. My Anime 3 only supports the following skins. While we have no plans to add support for additional skins, we’ll always accept PR’s on Github for new skins.

Default Wide HD
Streamed MP
Future Development

Due to lack of time and devs who actually use My Anime 3, we’ve decided to put My Anime 3 into maintenance mode and suspend all active development. This does not mean we are abandoning My Anime 3 but will only release updates to insure it’s still usable. Any devs looking to continue development of My Anime 3 are welcome to contact us on Discord.

For installation help please use the links listed on the right under resources.


My-Anime-3-StreamedMP-Calendar.jpg My-Anime-3-StreamedMP-Collection-List.jpg My-Anime-3-StreamedMP-Collection-Wide-Banners.jpg My-Anime-3-StreamedMP-Fanart-Listing.jpg My-Anime-3-StreamedMP-Series-Info.jpg