September 10, 2015  Version Released
Anime: Love Hina

Version 3.4.4 introduces the following changes, we recommend reading through this blog post in order to familiarize yourself with what’s changed.

Metro Dashboard

Metro Series Overview

The series display in the Metro dashboard has received a few small tweaks.


JMM Desktop - Trakt Settings

The major focus of this release has been adding support for Version 2.0 of the Trakt API. For the last 6-9 months this has been broken in JMM. Most of this is invisible to the user, but a few things will be different and are detailed below. Trakt now uses OAuth to verify your credentials, and you are no longer required to enter your login/password into JMM. Once Trakt is enabled, simply click on the “Get PIN” link, and this will re-direct you to the Trakt website, and you will given a temporary PIN as shown below.

JMM Desktop - Trakt OAutH

Copy and paste this PIN into the text box in JMM Desktop, and then hit “Authorize JMM”. At this point JMM stores a token which it can use to start sending data to Trakt. Since Trakt has not been working for such a long time, you will probably find that a lot of your Trakt data is not valid anymore.

JMM Desktop - Community Tab

Community Data

A new utility has been added to help fix this data.

Step 1 - Select the first 2 check boxes and Press Start. This will check with Trakt that your exist data is correct, if it is not it will be removed from your local database.

Step 2 - Un-check the first 2 check boxes and select the third “Check if my links are different from Community Recommendations”. This will check the links you have selected against what the admins have selected as the correct links You can then filter the list to see what series are missing a link entirely or differ from the recommendation..

NOTE - This can take quite a while depending on the number of series you have. It also has the benefit of updating your existing data.

JMM Desktop - Community Data Differences

From here you can open the series to fix the data manually.

JMM Desktop - Trakt Recommendations

Click on the button to search, and it will show you the community recommendation, and you can use this instead.

JMM Desktop - Series Community Links


You can now see Trakt comments on the regular series view.

JMM Desktop - Trakt Comments

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