July 5, 2020  Shoko Website Updated
Anime: Fire Force

While in the works for a few months now, we’re happy to launch the latest version of the Shoko Website bringing a refreshed look and a few new additions. As usual, our Discord users have gotten glimpses into the new site as it’s progressed through different iterations to finally become what you’re currently looking at.

Lets go over a few of the changes and provide some insight on what the next couple of months have in store for everyone.

Hello Hugo

Like Shoko Docs, we’ve rebuilt the website from the ground up and are now using Hugo due to the benefits it offers us over Jekyll. Building the site takes no time at all, and the reduced file size should speed up loading times. We’ve also rewritten every page in Markdown lowering the bar for user contributions as most users have encountered and used markdown before.

Dark Theme

Like on Shoko Docs, users can toggle between a Dark and Light theme by clicking on the Moon icon in the navigation menu at the top. We’re storing your theme choice via local storage so no need to toggle your theme preference on each page.

As this is a new feature, please let us know on Discord if you run into any issues.

Proper Translation Support

When designing the new site, we wanted to be able to allow our users to easiy translate the site into their native language to help expand Shoko’s reach. With Hugo this is something we were able to add and after overcoming a few coding issues, we’re happy to announce that the Shoko website can be translated into any language!

Select the Language icon in next to the Theme icon to show supported languages and to learn how to translate the Shoko website.

Program/Plugin Pages

We initially removed the program/plugin pages as we felt the previous downloads page explained everything required. However, with the redesign of the downloads page we’ve added them back and gave them some much-needed cleaning up. You can check them out by visiting the downloads page and clicking on the Learn More… link for each program/plugin.

If you run across any issues or have any feedback, please let us know either on Discord or the Shoko Website Github Repo, so we can look into it.

Shoko Version 4.0.0

The next major version of Shoko is coming soon!

If you’ve been following us on Github or paying attention on Github, the major change with this version is switching to .NET Core and transitioning Shoko to a service. We’ll have more information on this upcoming version soon so check back often.

Additionally, we are looking for Windows users to help us test out these changes, if you would like to help please message us on Discord.

Shoko Desktop 2

We’ll be discussing Shoko Desktop 2 in detail in an upcoming blog post that hopefully answers some of the questions we often get as well as provide some more in-depth information, and a general timeline of when you can expect Shoko Desktop 2.

As usual, we’ve got other items in the works that we’ll be sharing with you once we’ve released Shoko version 4.00. For now here’s a look at our redesigned Web UI that will be launching with Shoko Version 4.00.

Shoko Server Web UI 01 Shoko Server Web UI 02 Shoko Server Web UI 03

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