Hello Everyone!

After seven months of development, we're close to releasing the next version of Shoko, Version 3.8! Looking back at our past releases, this upcoming version is by far the biggest release we've done so far. However with that being said, Version 3.8 is not really as feature packed as one might think based off the claim I just made, instead the majority of work has been to optimizing Server and Desktop code as these are essential to our overall goal of making Shoko Server cross-platform and the building of the new Shoko Desktop, currently codename ClientV2.

Our daily users have done a lot of testing and we feel we're close to an official release which means it's time for a public beta! As usual head on over to our Beta Page for the download link and to see what known issues are present in this beta. If everything goes accordingly, we're expecting to run this beta for one week and then release.

I won't be going into the changes in this post, you'll have to wait for the official release post. In the meantime check out the Changelog for a complete listing of everything that's been added, updated, fixed and removed.

Posted On July 25, 2017