January 24, 2021  Shoko Docs Refresh
Anime: KyousouGiga

After nearly five months, multiple designs and iterations, our new design for Shoko Docs is up! The main goal of this update was to make the design similar to the updated homepage as well as reevaluate the existing content as a lot of the information had become outdated or simply incorrect. To that end most of the content was rewritten and condensed to not only make it easier to follow, but create less confusion for future contributors.

Shoko Docs Refresh Preview

Take a look at the updated Shoko Docs.

If you run across any issues or have any feedback, please let us know either on Discord or on the Shoko Docs Github Repo, so we can look into it.

Content Focused Design

One of the goals with the redesign was to make the content the primary focus, we’ve limited the content area width, so it’s easier to read as well as made it so its always centered making it the main focus point. We also changed the content layout and removed the column setup we were previously using. It led to confusion and squished images that in the end ended up being more distracting than helpful.


Like the website, a lot of work went into making Shoko Docs easily translatable, for the most part as long as you know English, you can translate Shoko Docs into another language.

Select the Language icon in next to the Theme icon to show supported languages and to learn how to translate the Shoko website. If you have any questions or need help, contact Elemental Crisis on Discord.

Where Are The Docs For X?

During the update process, some older docs were intentionally left out, either because they no longer applied, or the time it would take to properly update them. This is not to say we don’t plan to bring select pages back in the future, but as an open source project, this is where we rely on the community to help fill in the gaps. If you notice something is missing or incorrect, create a PR with the addition or fix.

Where’s That Upcoming Shoko News Blog Post?

If you’re referring to the one in Introducing Sushi.Net then don’t worry, we didn’t forget about it. It was pushed back a bit as the next main goal is to get the next version of Shoko released which should be happening by the end of January so expect our 2021 Shoko Roadmap blog post early February.

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