May 26, 2022  Nakamori 4.1.0 Released
Anime: Nisekoi

After many months of internal and public testing, the latest version fo Nakamori is now available for download! This update is probably one of the biggest to date with Nakamori being completely rewritten from the ground up due to the shift to Python 3 with Kodi 19. With that being said, due to the Kodi dev’s team decision, Nakamori is no longer backwards compatible with older versions of Kodi. So if you’re using an older version of Kodi, do not upgrade Nakamori until you’ve upgrade to Kodi 19.

With this being a complete rewrite, the Nakamori dev team decided to only implement essential features and will evaluate requests for new/returning features. You can make a request on the Nakamori Gituhb if there’s something you like to see added or brought back.

With any major release, unforeseen issues are expected so please make sure to report any issues you encounter on the Nakamori repo so the Nakamori dev team can fix them.


Please follow the Nakamori Install instructions to make sure you properly install the repo and the addon itself.


This release was made possible by the following people.


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