December 31, 2020 Introducing Sushi.Net
Anime: Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro!!

While we continue working on the next release of Shoko (coming soon!), one of our devs has been working on a side-project for some time now and has released a public beta which we wanted to highlight and what better time than right before we say goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021.

Introducing Sushi.Net, A .NET Port of Sushi

For those not familiar, sushi is a Python script that allows you to remux releases with ease regardless of audio and/or subtitle source. Like Shoko it’s designed to remove the manual process and automatically syncs up subtitles by finding similarities in audio streams.

Now thanks to MaxPiva, this handy utility is now available for .NET devs and once version 1.00 hits, will be available in Nuget package.

How Audio Shifting Works With Sushi.Net

Basically, will normalize the destination audio stream, then find the silences in the stream, and mark the destination stream into chunks. After that, it will apply a band filter to attenuate the vocals and load both streams into memory. Those chunks will be matched against the source stream. Then the source stream will be reconstructed matching the destination stream chunks positions and saved.

Of course, it can also shift subtitles in the same way original Sushi does, and it supports multiple external subtitles as input (space separated), or it can get the subtitles from the –src stream if it’s a container. (mkv, mp4, etc).

How To Get Started

You can download Sushi.Net on Github. You’ll find instructions, examples and additional information in the repo.

See You In 2021

2021 is going to be a big year for Shoko with the realization and finalization of a lot of work. We’ll have a blog post very soon to share some of these exiting details with everyone.

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