Over the past couple of months, we've been asked about the development status of Anime Buddy. While we originally intended to keep updating it, multiple issues have made this near impossible for us without essentially creating a brand new program. Anime Buddy has not received any updates in years and with the major changes we've made in the past couple of versions, we'd be looking at a near rewrite of Anime Buddy to just get it functional again. However the bigger issue is we don't have access to the Windows Store so there would be no way for current users of Anime Buddy to update to a newer version. Because its was also planned and publicly talked about at one point, there was a possibly of a successor in the form of a smartphone app down the line, however at this time we have no plans to do that. 

The Anime Buddy product page has been updated to reflect this announcement, all resources will remain up but will be eventually removed. 

Thank you to everyone who used Anime Buddy over the years!

Posted On September 15, 2017