Automation Done Right

Manually manging your anime collection is hard work, tedious and extremely boring and frankly who has the time for that? With Shoko, regain your precious time back and instead spend it on debating on which series in your backlog you might watch before eventually deciding on watching a series you’ve already watched. We designed Shoko to be incredibly easy to install and takes less than five minutes to get it setup, running and cataloging your anime collection.

Lets Get Technical

Shoko employs what is known as a client-server architecture allowing different programs and plugins access to Shoko, even if they are not on the same PC or network. Using the built-in Web UI, users can even remotely manage and configure Shoko Server without ever having to physically access the computer Shoko is on.

How Does The Magic Work?

Shoko hashes each file in your collection and then compares the hash against AniDB’s vast hash database to find a match. One a match is found, Shoko creates the series and starts populating your database with general information about the series including episode related information, character information, related series as well as user recommended series. Shoko also pulls series information from the various community sites you’ve enabled giving you even more details and making your collection that much better.

For installation help please use the links listed on the right under resources.

Available Versions


This version has been tested and should be used by the majority of users unless told otherwise for testing or troubleshooting purposes.


The daily build is updated after every buildable commit and should only be used by users who want the bleeding edge and don’t mind losing their DB.

Linux Build

The linux build is automatically updated when new tags are created on Github and is not tied to the information listed above.


WebUI-Import-Folders.jpg WebUI-Index.jpg WebUI-Settings.jpg WebUI-Settings-02.jpg

Version 3.9.7
Release April 30th, 2020
Platform Windows / Linux

Stable Windows
Stable Linux
Daily Windows