Plex, Meet Your Newest Library

Plex is one of the most popular user generated streaming service available so it only makes sense for Shoko, one of the best Anime cataloging programs to provide support for it. Now you too can stream your anime anywhere in the world on any device making those bathroom breaks even more enjoyable. You’re welcome. While Plex still handles all the heavy lifting (because its selfish like that), Shoko Metadata takes over the role of well, providing the metadata for the series and movies in your collection.

Pretty Unique Name

When the name of your product tells you everything you need to know, is there any reason to change it? It’s no secret Plex, like nearly every other user generated streaming service has terrible anime support. Instead of having to go through and manually change every single incorrectly linked series or movie, which can be quite numerous due to live action adaptions and shows with similar names. Shoko Metadata pulls all the info directly from Shoko saving you all that precious time so you can continue to make jokes about nanme. For shame random user, for shame.

What About Plex Pass?

Users with Plex Pass will be able to take advantage of the built-in scrobbling allowing Plex to send your watch state data back to Shoko allowing for it to be uploaded to whatever community sites you’ve enabled. We’ve made Shoko Metadata nearly perfect, for Plex Pass users that is.

For installation help please use the links listed on the right under resources.


Shoko Metadata - Series Listing - Grid.jpg Shoko Metadata - Series Listing - Summary.jpg Shoko Metadata - Series View 01.jpg Shoko Metadata - Series View 02.jpg Shoko Metadata - Series Episodes 01.jpg Shoko Metadata - Series Episodes 02.jpg