Shoko Version 3.9.7 is now available for download!

We've been hard at on some of the items we previously mentioned in What's Next For Shoko

and wanted to release this feature packed release as it might be awhile before the next release.

This release contains many fixes and improvements to the AniDB system, TvDB System and TvDB image downloading. We've also tweaked the Sentry settings to stop it from spamming the logs.

The Web UI also got some much needed TLC and users are now able to pause, start and cancel queues.

As always you can find a summary of the changes made by checking out the Changelog.

Shoko Server 3.9.7 Changelog

Shoko Desktop 3.9.7 Changelog

Download Link

Download Shoko Version 3.9.7


This release was made possible by the following people.

Avael, Baine, BigRetroMike, Cazzar, Da3dsoul, MaxPiva, Mohan226 & Wat

Post Image Anime: Outlaw Star

Posted On April 30, 2020