Almost a month later and we're back with another update!

Version 3.8 was our biggest release to date and was released a very long time after Version 3.7. We've decided that going forward we're going to aim for releasing updates at least once a month to ease migration for current users and reduce the amount of testing needed beforehand. We've also made some changes to our versioning system which we've outlined below.

This release mainly focused on fixing issues caused by the previous release as well as adding better logging in both Server and Desktop. As always check the Changelog for a complete list of changes made.

Shoko On Plex Updated

We've updated Shoko on Plex making it compatible with the latest version of Shoko. This was a maintenance release so please report any issues you encounter on GitHub.

Changes to Versioning

We've decided to change our versioning system a bit.

Going forward we'll only be using a three-digit number for releases, the only time the fourth digit will be used is for dailies and beta release. This new versioning method will work better with our updated release schedule as we plan to only update the MINOR number when we've made a big changed or introduced a new feature.

For those confused here's the breakdown.

Example: 3.8.1

  • MAJOR version number, only updated when significant changes are made.
  • MINOR version number, updated when a significant feature is added.
  • PATCH version number, when general changes are made.,


This release was made possible by the following people.

Avael, BigRetroMike, Cazzar, ElementalCrisis, Jimmyson, MaxPiva, Netsplite, RandRandom.

Posted On October 01, 2017