We're Back!

This past weekend we moved everything over to our ShokoAnime domain name making it our primary domain name and switched to a more reliable hosts. You may of noticed some changes around the site, during the downtime the site went through some intensive maintenance stripping away anything that was causing performance issues. We also decided to go for a less resource intensive theme that's sleeker and for those of you visiting us on mobile, it looks great.

Now onto the main purpose of this blog post.

Introducing Shoko Docs

Anyone that's visited our GitHub repo in the past couple of months or talked with us on Discord has probably noticed we've been making a lot of core changes to Shoko. We've talked about some of these changes before with our vision for Shoko going forward, we made our previously private ClientV2 channel accessible to all users on our Discord server and now we're opening up Shoko Docs.

Shoko Docs will be our hub for everything related to documentation when it comes to Shoko. We've previously hosted the documentation on the site but with so many other projects in the works, it often went untouched for long periods of time. With that being said you're probably wondering how Shoko Docs will be any different and that's a valid point. Our hope is that you, the users will help make a difference.

We're bringing the power of crowd-sourcing to Shoko Docs by completely hosting it on GitHuband allowing anyone that wants to contribute do just that. We wanted Shoko Docs to be accessible to as many people as possible and decided that using GitHub to host it would make that possible. Shoko Docs is written in HTML, CSS and JS and built with Bootstrap 3.3.7, just like the Shoko Server Web UI.

You can reach Shoko Docs either by clicking on Shoko Docs in the menu above or using the link below.


Rewritten From Scratch

While a lot of the old documentation will still be used as an outline, Shoko Docs is being rewritten from scratch so that the content being presented is accurate and up-to-date as previously there were sections that had not been touched in over a year. This means that previously available pages are currently not available, we have created a priority list starting with Shoko Server but are open to suggestions on what should be worked on first. 

As usual, feel free to message us on Discord if you have any questions.

Posted On January 23, 2017