Anime Buddy

Anime Buddy has been discontinued and is no longer being developed. Anime Buddy is still available for download on the Windows Store but is not guaranteed to work with Shoko Version 3.7 or newer.

The Windows Store App

Anime Buddy is a Windows Store App designed to run on any device running Windows 8/8.1/10 giving you access to a detailed upcoming calendar with series info and recommendations as well as the ability to connect to Shoko Server for access to your anime collection for viewing and playback. Anime Buddy utilizes two different modes to provide the best experience possible to you depending on your needs.

Default Mode

In it’s Default Mode, Anime Buddy provides you with a detailed upcoming calendar from AniDB showing every upcoming series. Additional information such as plot summary, character bios and even similar and recommend anime can be viewed by clicking on any item on the calendar. You can also search though AniDB’s entire database using the built-in search feature.

Enhanced Mode

In it’s Enhanced Mode which is accessed by connecting Anime Buddy to Shoko Server, your entire collection becomes available not only for viewing, but playback as well. The Enhanced Mode also includes all of the features in the Default Mode and makes them available for the series in your collection as well. You can also search though your entire collection using the built-in search feature.


Here are some images of Anime Buddy in action.